Topics regarding store closing at Dillard's

Topics regarding store closing at Dillard's

Waterloo losing Dillard's

Dillard's store that's located in Waterloo is closing down. IIRC, the store has 100 ~ employees, right? But it's said that those employees are welcomes at any of their other stores. So it's just that easy? Huh. Interesting.

Dillard's Albany GA open

Can anyone tell me whether or not the Dillard's in Albany GA is open currently. I am SO itching to go shopping there but my husband is encouraging me to stay home and practice social distancing. I know he's right but my need is so strong...

Virus spread

You need to close and stop endangering the lives of your employees. This is serious. Your bottom line is not as important as their lives. This is stupid. Please let them stay safe. They may not mean that much to you but they may mean the world for... —  read more 

Dillard’s Working Enthusiasm

Dillard's can be pretty hectic, doesn't it? Maybe it's just my store. I don't mean it in a bad way btw. The employees are always up and about. They seem really enthusiastic about their jobs, so Dillard's must be doing something right!

December closing

Was in Dillards 9/20. Employee said bringing (clearance) items in from other Dillard's; will be open 'till December. 40% off Clearance yesterday-might be worth checking !(Great finds like Halston, Lagerfeld,others.)

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